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Behind-the-Scenes Archives - Droneshots


  • IT’S A WRAP! FOR 2017

    Yet again, we find ourselves at the end of another year.  It has flown by, but it has still been a good year and we owe our thanks for that to our family, friends, colleagues and clients.

    To sum up the year, we sat down with Ryan Thomas, the Aerialshots Founder and Chief-Drone-Pilot, to give us…


    It is always fun to watch a good explosion on TV.  It is even better to watch it in real life (that is, a planned explosion with strict safety rules to ensure you live through it). As drone pilots, we get to capture interesting aspects of other people’s lives.  And recently, this meant witnessing a…


    In our line of work, we get a glimpse into the work that other people do and see things we probably wouldn’t have seen if they didn’t need us to capture it. Sometimes, it is something ordinary.  But most of the time, it is a great experience for us.
    Aerialshots was recently tasked, by Maunga Projects,…

  • Filming a Maserati Breakfast Run

    A Maserati is a fast, luxury car and, on a recent film shoot, the Aerialshots team got as close to one as we are ever going to get.
    We were shooting the Maserati Breakfast Run which comprised of meeting at the Maserati showroom in Johannesburg, taking the Maseratis out for a spin in the direction of…